January 27, 2022

Nairobi MP’s Supporting Azimio La Umoja

January 27, 2022

NA BADO! Government Denies DP Ruto Permit to hold Rally

January 26, 2022

PAY BACK? Mudavadi attacks President Kenyatta in Nakuru Rally

January 23, 2022

FULL SPEECH: Mudavadi’s Earthquake Speech that has Sent DEEP STATE to the Drawing Board

January 21, 2022

DP Ruto Take UDA Campaigns to Sigor, West Pokot (PHOTOS)

January 20, 2022

Raila installed as Kuria elder in Ruto’s Migori Stronghold


Famous Quotes on Kenyan Roads In Matatus or behind Lorries

If you have been on Kenyan roads, these quotes or in some cases, wise sayings, are not new to you. You will find them inside public service vehicles such as matatus or buses as stickers strategically placed.Then there are those written at the back of lorries and trailers. These are often written on the bottom rail at the back of the body or on the 'mud guard'.While some are funny t

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