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I was in a matatu headed home yesterday
evening.. seated beside this lady in her late
20’s judging by her looks.

Calls trickling to her phone like she was at one
of the customer care call centres.
I did not bother listen till she made one big lie
to one of her clients “Am at Point A” which was
miles away from the place we were. I watched
her struggle through the glances from fellow

As if not enough.. am not snoopy… but I
caught up with her in the middle of deleting
the InCalls and most likely text messages,
probably so as to be at peace with one she was
in haste to meet. At that point I just felt sorry for the Man.

In an occurance of similar magnitude… this
morning Some big guy, peers with my dad also
just insane. Talking about how he once cheated
on his wife, portraying the act as so noble ans
normal. He was not even ashamed of terming
the inhuman act as “an experiment”

How for goodness sake, do you experiment
with you life?? Am bitter about this man.
That has made me nervous. Is this the real
game of life? And being that I have not lived
long, what is in store for me?

Hoping not to fall prey of such characters.
It’s not wise to go about telling lies to everyone
as it turns out to as taxing.

Dont lie infact NEVER LIE


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