New Features You should See on WhatsApp

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Emergence of smartphones has led to a shift from the traditional SMS communication to the use of mobile messaging applications, WhatsApp leading the pack.

As of September, 2015 WhatsApp has registered 900 million users up from 700 million in January 2015.

The app is registering much success after Facebook purchased it for $ 19 billion hence boosting its media reach.

It’s seems developers at WhatsApp are leaving nothing to chance, making timely improvements to the messaging app.

If you updated your application today or some days close to today you will realize that the interface and colour has changed.

For instance WhatsApp Now has introduced a feature where your can customize notification and mute a user.


With the Mute option you can mute chats from that particular user for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year as indicated below.


As for Custom notifications, you can select a Unique Notification tone and vibration plus pop-up for that user alone.

One can also customize call notifications


Another feature improved on are the emojis. Old ones have been facelifted and more added. You can’t wait to use them.


It even goes further to give you options to choose from.


If you haven’t updated your App, please do on Play store or download and replace the old version.



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