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THE HEART – Someone who really loves you may never leave you as a result of your minor weaknesses like being moody, being financially unstable or due to small misunderstandings. He or she won’t give up on you easily. That person will struggle hard to stay by you. He/she will encourage you and provide you hope. That person will go through thick and thin with you, hoping for the best ahead and bearing in mind that that situation is in is temporary. He/she won’t leave you because you’re not perfect in everything. If you meet such an individual, my brother or sister, don’t let go because they’re rare to be find.

But still, if someone had so much love for you at the beginning but then their love begins to waneas life’s trouble’s kick in, that person never loved you. He or she got into your life for what you had. He came into your life to pass time.

If you’re currently crazy with someone, use every opportunity you get, be extra brilliant, and don’t accept to be fooled by someone. Don’t allow someone to make you be a F**KING machine or a MONEY machine. Respect yourself, your lover and your body.

If you are currently HEARTBROKEN, please don’t rush, just relax. I know you’ll recall all the moments you shared with someone. You’ll cry day and night but once you are done, ask yourself why you crying for that person? Is He/she worth your tears? If that person truly loved you, would he/she have dumped you? Then recall all the bad things that person did to you. Ask yourself whether letting them back into your life will change them for the better.

After answering all those questions, get down on your kneels and pray to God to carry you firmly. Thank him for saving you from that person and pray to Him to assist you discover someone who will make your life better in your current situation. The one that will grow a family with you and love you to death.

But as you pick your self from the failed love, DON’T rush to interact in another relationship because you’re desperate or lonely. It will worsen your pain, just give yourself time. Make yourself happy, know yourself better and enjoy the single life.

If you’re SINGLE, don’t rush it. Have fun times with your friends and enjoy that stress free life where nobody will bark at you for not picking his/her calls. That life where someone won’t pressurize you. Your heart is probably at ease. Take your time.

When you get to fall in love again, come back to this post and share your experience.

Disclaimer: This is not expert advise


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