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Man demands animal sacrifice, Shs2000 from pastor caught in bed with wife

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A 45-year-old man from Mufufu village in Lugari, Kakamega County has sent out his demands to a pastor who was allegedly caught cheating on him.

Charles Mulongo was away from his home when his son, Arnold Lumilia, informed him that their mother was in bed with another man.

According to Mulongo, his son had a commotion in their house on the night of May 13, and on rushing to the scene, found their mother and an African Divine Church pastor in bed.


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It is then that the pastor, in an attempt to escape, descended on Lumalia with kicks and blows and managed to escape stark naked to a nearby maize plantation.

The visibly embarrassed 38-year-old woman remained behind not knowing what to do.

Lumalia then called his other siblings who then raised an alarm, prompting the response of other neighbours, who then cornered the ADC pastor in the maize plantation.

Mulongo, the woman’s spouse has demanded the pastor produce a cow, sheep and Shs2000 for s ritual cleansing of the home after the abomination.

He said the Kabras culture did not allow his children to go near the house unless rituals are conducted to cleans the matrimonial residence.

The incident left villagers reeling in shock wondering why a pastor, who was tasked with guiding his flock towards salvation, was leading them astray.


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