Kenyans lose money in ‘Amazon Web Worker’ app

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Several Kenyans are in distress after an online app – Amazon Web Worker – in which they had invested disappeared from the Good Play store.

The app which operated like a pyramid scheme claimed to be an affiliate of Amazon Inc. and had lured many Kenyans with thousands signing up.

Kenyans had invested different amounts of money with the app depending with the subscription packages, and one person is said to have invested in excess of Kshs300,000.

Like many other scams that have swindled money from Kenyans before, Public Likes and Live Auction, members were only able to earn through referrals, and the more people signed up through your referral link, the more you earned.

The app went missing on the Play store on May 15, leaving thousands of Kenyans who had invested in the e-commerce app panic stricken.

Amazon Web Worker. PHOTO/ COURTESY

Reports indicate that Amazon Web Worker initially paid out good sums of money, paying out up to 38.5%, encouraging many to invest even more money and invite their friends.

The application’s website was taken down alongside its Facebook and Twitter profiles, and a spot check revealed that the app was not affiliated to Amazon Inc.

Kenyans have in the past been warned of such schemes with deals that offer quick money and high returns.

Important to note is that many pyramid scheme heavily rely on referral systems to pay out members and such should be subject to thorough scrutiny before agreeing to register.


A user on Twitter has listed the following unverified list as possible scammers


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