Ex wife causes drama at husbands wedding

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PHOTO/ Caters News Agency

Kakamega – Members of Emmanuel Worship Church in Kakamega were Sunday May 16 treated to a rare drama after a woman stormed the church to stop his husband from re-marrying.

Susan Shikuku had reportedly part ways with his husband, and the two had not been together for over a year in the union where they had three children.


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This prompted her husband, Pastor Dismas Ndula, to tie the knot in a new union with Jackata Navile, the event that was briefly interrupted by Shikuku.

According to Shikuku, she still loved her husband Ndula with whom they had two sons and a daughter, and wondered why he decided to re-marry yet they were still legally married.

Shikuku said they had only part ways for a short period and vowed not to allow her husband marry another woman so that they stay committed to raising their children.

Ndula and Navile however tied the knot amid the drama before they were whisked away by the police who were called to intervene.

This happened even as Shikuku read mischief in the whole event stating that the two had listed to venues for the wedding in order to confuse her in the bid to stop their marriage.


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