#IkoKaziKE: Open Job Opportunities – East African Community

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Employment at EAC

  1. Director Customs
  2. Director Planning
  3. Director Social Sectors
  4. Police Liaison Officer
  5. Principal Human Resources Officer
  6. Principal Civil Engineer
  7. Principal Administrative Officer
  8. Principal Health officer
  9. Principal Civil Aviation Officer
  10. Senior Export Promotion Officer
  11. Senior Standards Officer
  12. Senior Budget Officer
  13. Senior Health Officer (Medicines and Food Safety)
  14. Senior Systems Analyst
  15. Security Officer
  16. Procurement Officer
  17. Accounts Assistant (Payroll)
  18. Network Assistant

East Africa Legislative Assembly

  1. EALA: Clerk
  2. EALA: Deputy Clerk
  3. EALA: Hansard Editor
  4. EALA: Senior Clerk Assistant
  5. EALA: Hansard Reporter
  6. EALA: Research Officer
  7. EALA: Network Administrator
  8. EALA: Senior Public Relations Officer

East Africa Court of Justice

  1. EACJ: Deputy Registrar
  2. EACJ: Court Administrator
  3. EACJ: Personal Assistant to the Judge President
  4. EACJ: Senior Personal Secretary
  5. EACJ: Senior Personal Secretary

EAC Competition Authority

  1. EACA: Deputy Registrar, Monopolies and Cartels
  2. EACA: Deputy Registrar, Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. EACA: Senior Personal Secretary
  4. EACA: Accounts Assistant

Lake Victoria Basin Commission

  1. LVBC: Executive Secretary
  2. LVBC: Deputy Executive Secretary
  3. LVBC: Human Resources Officer
  4. LBVC: Legal Officer
  5. LVBC: Information Technology Officer
  6. LVBC: Accountant
  7. LVBC: Economist / Planning Officer

East African Kiswahili Commission

  1. EAKC: Executive Secretary
  2. EAKC: Deputy Executive Secretary – Projects and Programs
  3. EAKC: Principal Research Development Officer
  4. EAKC: Principal Curriculum Development Officer

East African Health Research Commission

  1. EAHRC: Executive Secretary
  2. EAHRC: Deputy Executive Secretary Research
  3. EAHRC: Principal Knowledge Management Officer
  4. EAHRC: Principal Ethics, Regulatory Affairs, and Research Environments Officer
  5. EAHRC: Senior ICT Officer
  6. EAHRC: Procurement Officer

East African Science and Technology Commission

  1. EASTECO: Executive Secretary
  2. EASTECO: Deputy Executive Secretary (Programmes and Projects)
  3. Procurement Specialist – EAC PSSIP Project

Applications should be submitted to the address below not later than  Friday, 11th  June  2021.

The Secretary General
East African Community
P. o Box 1096
Arusha – Tanzania.
Tel: +255 27 2162100
Fax: +255 27 2162190
Website :

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