How Recce Squad saved President Uhuru in Lamu attack

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A short disturbance was witnessed while President Uhuru Kenyatta was reading his speech during the commissioning of Lamu port.

This was as a result of a middle aged man who tried to force his way towards President Kenyatta amid his speech.

In several videos that emerged online, the President was distracted for a moment, as his aids moved to address the issue, before he apologized and continued with his speech.

Security agents had blocked the man, who was among those invited to the event.

The security agents swooped in and whisked him away before he could utter any word.

Police had prior to the event, cleared the port area after local youth threatened to protest and push the government to give them first priority on employment at the port.

Fishermen had also planned to stage demonstrations to air their grievances including compensation for loss of livelihood.

Local leaders including Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha, Women Representative Ruweida Obbo sided with the locals while citing discrimination of locals on employment at the Lamu port.

The event was only witnessed by government officials.


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