Woman dies as nurses abandon her to celebrate birthday

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Nurse attends to a Covid-19 patient. PHOTO/ COURTESY

LAIKIPIA – Laikipia residents Thursday, June 03 took to the streets after an elderly woman died over what has been termed as negligence.

Reports indicate that the 58 year old woman died at Nanyuki Referral Hospital after nurses abandoned their posts to celebrate the birthday of their colleague.

The residents staged demonstrations outside the hospital demanding justice for the woman.

County Executive Committee Member for Health in Laikipia County Rose Maitai confirmed the incident and said disciplinary measures will be meted on those responsible.

“Unfortunately, it’s true. Disciplinary action has been taken including interdiction of some,” she said.

Halima Hassan was reported to have died yesterday at the hospital while awaiting tests after she was rushed to the facility by her family from their Majengo home.

For instance, the deceased’s son recounted that Halima was treated at the emergency unit and was asked to get some laboratory tests.

“On several occasions, I approached a male nurse for help who felt I was nagging and rudely told me off,” the deceased’s son, Ramadhan Hassan Omar told a local TV station.

While at the waiting bay with other patients, Omar learnt that the caregivers and lab technicians were attending a birthday party in another room.


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