KFCB cancels lucrative deal with musician Bahati for violating clean content policy

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KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua and musician Bahati. PHOTO/ TWITTER

The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) has cancelled a lucrative deal with musician Kevin ‘Bahati’ Kioko over over what it termed violation of clean content policy.

In a statement, KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua said the board cancelled over Ksh200,000 cash and other kind of support after Bahati released a series of videos that went against an agreement to produce and post clean content.


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Mutua said the board was at pains even as it undertook the decision explaining that it is the musician who approached them for a partnership with the promise of producing clean content only.

By Ezekiel Mutua

This week Kenya Film Classification Board cancelled over 200k cash and other kind support to musician Bahati following the posting of videos which contravened our clean content and partnership policy.

It was a painful decision to take because Bahati had approached us for this support and committed to be a clean content Ambassador. However, with the videos doing rounds on social media, our team unanimously took the decision to cancel the support and disassociate completely with the planned event.

My heart breaks at seeing our artistes going to extremes to promote explicit content even at the expense of tainting their brand and denting their careers. From a professional perspective, clean content, family suitable content is more marketable and sustainable than dirty and putrid content.

I consider it lack of imagination for an artiste to think that content has to be dirty or sexualized to sell.

We are not in any way asking artistes to create gospel or only one genre of content, but like the write if this article avers, there’s need for a jab of moderation and modesty.


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