Puntland State executes 18 Al-Shabab militants

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Puntland State executed 18 Al-Shabab militants after they were found guilty of their crimes.

The state’s military court on Sunday 27th June 2021 confirmed to have executed the Al-Shabab militants for perpetrating deadly attacks in Northern Somalia.

Strategic Intelligence Briefs reported that the courts stated that the men were convicted for the series killings.

The militants were also accused of being part of an active assassination cell that has been operating in Puntland for about 13 years.

Local open sources also reported that, at least 18 Al-Shabaab militants linked with heinous acts of assassinations were executed by a firing squad from the military and police units in an open ground outside Galkayo city early on Sunday.

This is a yet another huge blow to the Al-Qaeda aligned Al-Shabaab as this was the largest single mass execution recorded in recent years.

Authorities in Galkayo town reiterated that, Sunday’s execution was justice for victims of militant attacks.

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