Is Mungai Eve a lesbian? YouTuber opens up to Smart Joker

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Mungai Eve and fellow youtuber Crazy Kennar. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenyan YouTube celebrity Eve Mungai has come out to clarify his sexual orientation to his fans after remaining silent over the matter for a long time.

Mungai said she had received a lot of comments about her sexual orientation, and this had affected her. Speaking to Churchill Show comedian Michael Omuka alias Smart Joker on his YouTube Channel SMART JOKER TV

According to her, people started assuming her sexual orientation along time ago owing to her choice and preference of clothing.

Mungai revealed that she likes putting on long trousers and this has sent a ‘wrong’ impression to her fans.

The young Youtuber said she does not love putting on dresses and had recently adjusted to putting on tight trousers in response to the critics.

“Kuna watu wengi hawakuwa wanaelewa the kind of clothes that i love. Me am not girly, I’ve never been. Saizi ndio najaribu kuvaa tight trousers,”

“Mii si mtu wa dresses na hio ndio ilileta mambo na watu kusema am a lesbian. I don’t know where it came from and I just hope my mum has never seen it,” said Mungai Eve.

She revealed that this began with people sending her comment about her size alleging that she was not getting enough food.

“In the beginning I used to get comments on my size. Some people used to say I don’t eat. That is body shaming in short,” said Mungai Eve.

But she was quick to defend her self saying that she eats a lot and explained that she probably has a small body same as her mother.

Eve Mungai has risen to fame through her unique interviews which she posts on her YouTube channel which clocked over 100,000 subscribers in five months.


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