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Windows 11

TECH – Windows 11 is here and has brought with it exiting designs that those who have interacted with it continue to share.

This is even as some people are still stuck with Windows 7 while the tech giant has moved a step further by launching Windows 11.

According to those who have interacted with it, Windows 11 is beautiful, has a more consistent new design, contains video game selection and capabilities, great window layout options and runs Android apps. This new windows come after six years during which Windows 10 remained unchanged.

On the new Operating system, users will get a new look with much of the work being done on the interface redesign rather than the actual features. The interface gets the macOS’s rounded corners for all windows.

For the Start button, users will look on the left edge of the centered icon, moving away from the traditional left corner of the screen.

There have also been major changes on the start menu as the vestigial tiles at the top of its panel having recent and frequent apps as well as documents below them. The new mini tiles are good for touch input.

The File Explorer is one of Windows 11’s new looks especially its left updated panel controls and folder icons.

The new button at the top left works for new folders or documents supported by your apps and the same viewing options for files are available.

It has a widget panel, which is one of the new features of this new Windows.

This gives you information about the weather and news. Aside from it giving you news and weather, it gives options to third-party developers to offer content through this Windows.

With this new Windows Layout option, it has surpassed macOS in the way it lets you arrange app windows on-screen.

The current app window goes to the position in the layout and you can move it to another position the same way at any time.

These changes will help you enjoy using Windows 11 and have a great experience using this new Windows.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has also included a new setup experience in Windows 11.

It’s very similar to Windows 10X, walking users of new hardware or those upgrading to Windows 11 through a set of steps to configure Windows.

This out-of-box experience also includes a new Windows 11 startup sound, which then triggers at every boot.

Microsoft is also improving the Xbox experience in Windows 11. The new Xbox app is now integrated into Windows 11, offering quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of Xbox network, and the Xbox store.

The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode all remain the same as Windows 10 in this early leaked build.

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