See Ex Tahidi High Actor Omosh beautiful complete house

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Tahidi High Omosh
Omosh House ready for hand over. PHOTO/COURTESY

Former Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh house has been completed and will be handed over to him.

The three-bedroom house was built by Sung Timber on a piece of land he was given by Zero Hero Properties after going public with his struggles.

The actor’s public outcry got Sung Timber’s attention under the leadership of their CEO and founder Kathy Andrew who promised to foot the construction cost of the whole house.


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And true to her word, Kathy has been instrumental in making sure Omosh’s house is completed through the help of a few of her friends.

Omosh, in an interview with an online tv, in February said he had not paid rent for several months adding that he was unable to fend for his family needs due to lack of a job.

The house in now complete and is set to be hand over to the actor.

Comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’oo, revealed to Kenyans that the house will be handed over to the actor on Wednesday, July 14.

Jalang’oo is among many Kenyans who were on the frontline in mobilizing resources to help omosh after he revealed he opened up on his economic troubles.

Last month during an interview with TV47, Omosh asked Kenyans to continue helping him as he was still having a rough life.

Omosh said people pledged money that he never got, leaving him in high hopes but remaining broke to this day.

The former Tahidi High actor has now come back to Kenya, this time saying he was ready to do menial job to make ends meet.

In his new campaign, Omosh asked Kenyans to help him access a good camera, tripod and lighting system to help him regain his footing.

All I need is a job even if I will get paid 200 Kenya shillings per day. I don’t care about class and I will opt for anything even if someone starts a restaurant business where I can be selling tea and uji.” Omosh said.

This did not go well with a majority of Kenyans who asked Omosh to work as hard as other Kenyans.


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