REVEALED: List of Wealthy and Poor Counties

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  • Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and the University of Nairobi released list of poorest and most unequal counties in Kenya.
CAS, The Treasury and National Planning, KNBS DG and UoN DVC, Finance and Planning, during the launch of the report on Inequality and Diagnostics in Kenya, 2020 PHOTO/TWITTER

The KNBS and UoN on July 12 launched the ‘Inequality Trends and Diagnostics in Kenya 2020′ report.

In its analysis of the poorest and least poor counties, the survey used several metrics: per capita household expenditure, assets, labour market earnings, access to the labour market, education and health, and other basic services.

The multidimensional approach to profiling inequality adopted in the report can facilitate the design of policy levers for addressing horizontal and vertical inequities that have been entrenched in Kenya for a long time,” KNBS director-general Macdonald Obudho said.

Top poor counties

Turkana (79.4%).

Mandera (77.6%).

Samburu (75.8%).

Busia (69.3%).

Garissa (65.5%).

Turkana has an absolute poverty rate of 79.4 per cent, a term defined simply as the inability for a household, family or person to meet basic needs including food, shelter, safe drinking water, education and healthcare.

While there exist no direct relation between absolute poverty and inequality, Turkana is also the most unequal region with a gini index score of 0.559.

Least Poor Counties

Nairobi (16.8%).

Nyeri (19.3%).

Meru (19.4%).

Kirinyaga (22%).

Kiambu (23%).


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