Most followed pages in Zambia during election period revealed

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The past week has seen Zambai experience a lot of activities online, especially on Facebook and this is evident from insights by different pages in the country.

Here are the top pages with the highest engagement and reach as the Country headed for General election last week

1. Mwebantu with 19.4million people reached

2. Hakainde Hichilema with. 13.8million people reached

3. Zambian Watchdog with 11.6million people reached.

4. UPND Zambia with 10.2million people reached.

5. ZNBC Today with 6.3million people reached.


6. #Kalemba with 6.1million people reached.

7. Edgar Chagwa Lungu with 4.2million people reached.

8. Milly Beauty Products with 4.1million people reached.

9. The Candidates with 3.7million people reached.

10. Zambian Landscape with 2.5million people reached.

11. Nkani with 2.5million people reached

12. Chilufya Tayali with 2.4million people reached.

13. Zambia Reports 2.3million people reached.

14. Mubita Nawa with 2.3million people reached.

15. Zed Corner with 2.1million people reached.

16. Smart Eagles with 1.9million people reached.

17. Mutale Nalumango 1.7million people reached.

18. ZWKP with 1.4million people reached

19. Simon Mwewa Lane TV with 1.3million people reached

20. Fashion Police Zambia with 1.3million people reached.

21. IDC Light Comedy 1.2million people reached.

22. Patriotic Front – PF with 1.2million people reached.

23. Zed Daily with 1.1million people reached.

24. Pilato with 1.1million people reached

25. Mutale Mwanza with 1million people reached.

Source: Facebook


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