Good News for Kenyan YouTubers as company issues Ksh1 million reward

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Kenyan YouTube content creators have all the reasons to smile as they are set to receive up to Sh1.1 million every month for using the company’s short video making feature, Shorts.

YouTube announced in July that it had set a Sh10 billion fund to pay creators through 2022. This, it said, is aimed at encouraging creators to post more short videos on the platform.

YouTube launched Shorts which is similar to widely popular TikTok in July this year and allows users to post short videos. TikTok has made many stars worldwide, including Kenya’s Azziad Nasenya and Khaby Lame.

This is the first time YouTube has raised a fund to reward creators directly. It was already rolled out in the UK, US, India,South Africa and Nigeria. Now the fund is available in Kenya.

“Creators can receive up to Sh1.1 million ($10,000) based on viewership and engagement of their shorts content. To qualify, channels must meet the minimum eligibility requirements refreshed each month to give other creators the opportunity to receive a reward for their creative and unique Shorts,” Youtube said in a statement.

The payment will be based on a number of issues, such as location and popularity of the videos. The videos have to be original and not contain any watermark from platforms such as TikTok, Reels or Snapchat.


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