Kenya’s most guarded VIP’s

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President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta is the most-guarded VIP currently in the country. The VIP protection also covers members of his family and has about 200 security guards drawn from the GSU.

The State House and state lodges across the country are also guarded by the officers drawn from GSU’s G-Company.

Deputy President William Ruto

DP William Ruto is the second in command and has more than 50 armed security officers, who also guard his family. The officers also guard his property, personal assistants and some relatives as well.

The Ministry of Interior in a report tabled in parliament revealed that the Deputy President is accorded the services of at least 257 officers.

House Speakers Justin Muturi and Ken Lusaka

Speakers Justin Muturi (National Assembly) and Kenneth Lusaka (Senate) also have security with them on the move, at home and in the office. They usually have lead cars with up to eight police officers whenever they travel. Their families are enjoying the security of armed police. The officers are drawn from GSU, general duty, APS and Prisons.

Former President Mwai Kibaki

Former President Mwai Kibaki still enjoys heavy security all the time. This includes his businesses, family alongside some friends still enjoy security courtesy of him. Kibaki still has a lead car and a backup together with another that usually carries his personal assistants. His homes are also guarded by officers from G-Company of GSU.

Chief Justice Martha Koome

As the head of the Judiciary, which is also the third arm of the government, Justice Koome enjoys heavy security all the time. Her home is heavily guarded and she enjoys the services of a lead car whenever she is on the move. The officers are drawn from various units in the National Police Service. Like many other VIPs, she is allowed to choose the security she needs.

Cabinet Secretaries

All Cabinet Secretaries enjoy armed security services. Their personnel are drawn from various units in the service and are allowed to choose the people they want to protect them.

Some of the members of the Cabinet have lead cars that serve as a backup. They include Fred Matiang’i (interior), Ukur Yatani (Treasury), Joe Mucheru (ICT), George Magoha (education) and James Macharia (infrastructure).

Apart from the CSs, a number of Chief Administrative Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and some senior government officials also enjoy security around the clock whenever they are on the move as well as at their offices and homes.

The CSs are entitled to at least two armed guards at their homes at any time, and another two while travelling.

But depending on the risk assessment levels determined by security chiefs, some could have more security detail.

Other beneficiaries

Some embassies and ambassadors in the country are heavily guarded by Kenyan security. They include those of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Britain and Australia, China and Russia. They have police including those from GSU deployed to them for their use.

Some heads of parastatals are also accorded police bodyguards. The Central Bank Governor, Inspector General of Police and Deputy IGs, DCI, Director of Public Prosecutions and Attorney General and Chief of Defence Forces are also in the league of the heavily protected public officers.

They each have a chase car, at least five guards and another division protecting their spouses and children.

All judges, Controller of Budget and Auditor General, a number of commissioners, governors and their deputies and a number of staff at the counties also enjoy the security services.

An unspecified number of influential personalities, former Cabinet ministers and retired public servants also have police guards. This is because of risks posed by decisions they made and information they have by virtue of office.

Police sources reveal up to 13,000 police officers — out of the national tally of 60,000, some of whom, are in the traffic department — guard ministers, MPs, politicians, and top Government officials.

According to official policy, each of the more than 400 MPs and senators is entitled to an armed guard.

Senior police officers, however, claim some politicians and well-connected businessmen at times exploit their connections in government to be assigned police protection.


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