Rose Okeno, first female bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya

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Anglican Bishop Rose Okeno PHOTO/Courtesy

It’s a new record for the Anglican Church of Kenya as the church ordained its first female bishop in the church’s history.

52 year old Bishop Rose Okeno, took over the leadership of the Butere diocese in a landmark event that trail blazes the path for women to ascend into positions of power in the church.

She becomes the first woman high in the leadership of the Anglican Church in Kenya, alongside Rev. Emily Owino who was installed as an assistant Bishop in Bondo in January.

“We will advocate for the rights of girls and children in our communities, the empowerment of women and others disadvantaged in society. We must call out those who use positions of influence, sometimes even within the church, to harm the weak.” Bishop Okeno said

The mother of four has been serving the Anglican Church in different capacities for twenty years,  with her elevation into the position of bishop, fanning the fire of women leadership that has been gaining momentum in the past year.

“It is in times like these that we need to have such strong women; women who are ready to save their nation,” said Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

Busia Woman Representative Florence Mutua, on her part, said: “Tuendelee kusomesha watoto wetu wasichana because it is her (Bishop Okeno’s) education and humility and perseverance to reach where she has reached that has made her bishop.”

She will be taking over from Bishop Timothy Wambunya, who resigned in September 2020 after a 7-year reign, following health concerns.


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