CBC to go on despite opposition from Kenyans – CS Magoha

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Education CS Prof George Magoha. PHOTO/COURTESY

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has insited that the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) will continue, despite criticism from a section of Kenyans.

Prof. Magoha said those rooting to the cancellation of the CBC were daydreamers, adding that the new curriculum is the most transformative system of learning.

“This Competency-Based Curriculum is here to stay. In my life it is the most transformative thing I have seen. I used to be worried that our teachers would compromise it… Right now even the teachers love it,” said the CS.

“Those saying they will stop this, you are daydreamers…We are not going to stop.”

Magoha was speaking during a breakfast meeting Tuesday with Education stakeholders to discuss concerns raised on the Competency Based Curriculum.

The Education CS downplayed concerns that the CBC was expensive and a burden parents and children, but acknowledged there could be a few challenges that will be addressed in the as it is implemented.

“Are we right to say that you want to go to court when we already have 5 million children happy to engage with CBC. They enjoy what they are doing. It is true there are challenges but why don’t you bring them in a manner that we can accept you are not doing it for other issues,” he said.

“Who in kenya does not know we have trained teachers on CBC. Why are we making things so difficult. What do people want to do when they demonise the most important thing that is going to be the presidential legacy project…

“When you open your mouth and shout on television, don’t look like you did not go to school,” Magoha said.

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But the CS said parents will have to continue engaging their children in their learning as part of their responsibility.

However, the CS has directed public schools to engage cost cutting measures such as the use projectors instead of printing materials needed for use by pupils.

This is even as Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi, last week, announced plans to file a petition challenging the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).


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