Drama at a Migori School as Pupils allegedly possessed by Evil Spirits

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Learning was disrupted at Nyamunda Primary School in Migori County after five pupils were allegedly possessed by evil spirits.

The school headteacher Taabu Kiboko said he sent all the pupils home after the incident disrupted learning. The institution is deep in the villages of Suna West sub-county.

According to Kiboko, hell broke lose when the affected students began shouting uncontrollably in the school. This drew the attention of other pupils and teachers at the school.

But things got worse when some of the allegedly possessed pupils began rolling on the ground and producing weird sounds. The whole school got into panic mode, disrupting all activities.

“Learning could not go on and I had to release them [pupils] to go home and bring their parents so that we could look into the matter,” said Kiboko.

However, the school’s board of management (BOM) chair Timon Ogola denied claims that the school closed down.

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Ogola said the sending home of students was just a temporary measure to manage the tension at the school.

He added that they did not have the authority to ‘close’ a school.

“Closing of a school is above us and nobody can close a school unless ordered by a higher authority from the Ministry of Education,” said Ogola.

The school conducted prayers to exorcise the evil spirits from affected students when members of the press visited the school.

Terrified parents who in the prayer meeting watched in disbelief.


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