US to send Teachers to Kenya, Tanzania for benchmarking

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The United States of America (USA) will send teachers to Kenya and Tanzania to boost their knowledge by interacting with the local teachers.

14 tutors from Northern Illinois University (NIU) will visit the two countries early 2022 for a five week benchmarking program.

Their aim will be to learn local languages including Swahili as well as the challenges facing the teaching profession in Africa.

The tutors are a beneficiary of NIU’s Educate Global where seven are practicing teachers while the other seven are seven will be undergraduate teacher-licensure candidates .

The teachers will also interact with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and meeting local leaders in Kenya and Tanzania to learn more about the culture and tradition of residents. 

Teresa Wasonga, a Presidential Engagement Professor at NIU said this will also provide an opportunity for Kenyan teachers to interact with the tutors, making the process beneficial for both sides.

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The co-founder of Jane Adeny Memorial School added that the instruction model in Kenya did not allow for critical thinking but rather academically focused, but this did not mean that the students were not intelligent or competent.

Her school, Jane Adeny Memorial School, will serve as one of the sites hosting the American teachers. The school is an all-girls boarding secondary institution. 

Wasonga argued that poverty in Tanzania and Kenya is different from that witnessed in the US and urged the travelling teachers to become better from experiences in the African countries.


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