How Police Officer in 9 months Comma was Dismissed from Service, friends and family unaware

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Kenyatta National Hospital PHOTO/Courtesy

A police officer who was in a comma for nine months woke up only to find that he had been fired from his job.

Constable Rueben Kimutai Lel had been admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital after he was involved in an accident in December 2020, his friends and family in the dark about the incident.

The police officer who was based at Jogoo Road police station had suffered a fractured skull and was admitted as unknown person since he had no identification documents on him.

According to the Nation, his personal effects were stolen by first responders at the scene of the accident.

At work station, his bosses and colleagues thought he had taken leave, which as Nation reported, was due in a few days.

But Kimutai failed to show for work in January and was declared to have absconded duties at Makadara Law Courts.

And abiding b the National Police Service Act, a team was formed to look for him and given up to May 22 had asked for more time as the said officer could not be traced.

The NPS had gone ahead and deleted his name from the register as the matter awaited to be brought to court on October 12.

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Kimutai however started regaining consciousness in August and gave the medics his name and the process of identifying his next of kin began.

A statement by KNH stated that the patient was rescued by critical services ambulance after he was hit by a speeding vehicle along Jogoo road on December 20 at 9.30pm.

“He has recovered from the fracture but has not fully recovered his memory. The case is referred ‘To whom it may concern’ to help the patient get discharged from the hospital,” 


The police constable has now been reunited with his family and the case against him withdrawn.

The NPS is also in the process of reinstating him to the official payroll.


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