Omanyala loses deal with yet another firm

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Ferdinand Omanyala

Kenya’s celebrated sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala has lost yet another partnership.

Snolegal Sports & Entertainment Law, in a press release dated September 29, announced their withdrawal of legal and advisory services offered to Omanyala.

The law firm stated that they provided the sprinter with legal services, reputation management, intellectual property management, public relations and communication services.

They stated that they however ceased provided the services on September 7 upon reaching a unilateral decision. Snolegal added that they have not been involved in Omanyala’s decision making since then.

The firm commend their team’s tireless work that continued to bear fruit in in the sprinter.

For instance, the legal company pointed out their efforts in assisting their client in correcting false or defamatory narratives in the media about Ferdinand’s run with the anti-doping violation.

The firm also took the chance to boast of having conducted high-level lobbying, which led to Omanyala’s admission into the Olympics team and played a role in setting up his initial communications and PR channels.

In addition, they also moderated and negotiated for fair and meaningful sponsorship for the sprinter.

Snolegal also carried out brainstorming, created and set up Omanyala’s corporate entity and structured his intellectual property in his new brand.

They, however, wished the athlete the best in his career, hoping that his brand would provide him and his family with consistent and sustainable income beyond his athletic career.

Snolegal explained their withdrawal, stating that time had come for them to leave in order to allow Africa’s fastest man space to grow and take charge of his own destiny.

In conclusion, the letter stated that the firm continues to celebrate Omanyala’s progress and would always take pride in the strides he makes for himself and the country.


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