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Rare Condition Flaqo ‘Mama Otis’ is Suffering from, asks Kenyans to help in treatment

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Flaqo ‘Mama Otis’

Popular online comedian Flaqo has called on Kenyans to help in treating a rare condition he is suffering from.

The comedian, also known as ‘Mama Otis’ revealed in an interview that he suffers from hives (urticaria).

Hives are a red, raised, itchy skin rash that is sometimes triggered by an allergen. An allergen is something that produces an allergic reaction.

Medical journals also call it urticaria, welts, weals, or nettle rash.

Flaqo revealed this in an interview with Mungai Eve adding that the condition affected his work.

He said this made him always utilize anytime he got prudently, especially in content creation, since the allergic reaction had no specific time to appear.

“Urticaria makes your face develop rushes and it happens a lot and so I can only work when I don’t have allergic reactions,” Flaqo told Mungai Eve.

He revealed the condition had reduced his working time in a day.

“By the way imenisaidia kumanage time, Imenisaidia ku-value time…”

Saa zingine time yangu ya ku-shoot reduces to only five hours na mii na play al these characters. So I have to make good use of hio time

He urged Kenyans with the knowledge of treating the condition to contact him.


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