Senator Millicent Omanga Exposed badly Over #MamaMiradi donations

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Kwamboka shamed nominated Senator Millicent Omanga publicly on twitter for allegedly lying to Kenyans.

Beverlyne Kwamboka at her Chips Mwitu place in Nairobi

Senator Millicent Omanga is under fire after a hustler accused her of playing with their situation.

Bevalyne Kwamboka came out to ‘set the record straight’ on the help she got from the nominated senator.

Kwamboka, a student, runs an informal business in Nairobi’s Donholm area.

Omanga claimed, in a Facebook post, to have uplifted the situation of Kwamboka through giving her an umbrella shade. She claimed to buy more stock for the woman who sells waru easen her budden and generate more income for her.”

But Kwamboka refuted the claims that Mama Miradi had boosted her business.

The student said Omanga’s team came with goodies, took photo’s with them and returned them to their vehicle.

She claimed Omanga only gave out one umbrella and two aprons with no cash reward as the Senator had claimed.

Kwamboka clarified that Omanga only bought her waru worth Kshs350 from her.

“For clarification, team @MillicentOmanga only bought waru za 350 came out of the vehicle with 5 umbrellas, took photos returned them and gave out one and two aprons. Hiyo mambo ya cash haikua plus stock ni ya 350. Hizo waru gunia kubwa i had bought and started the day

Kwamboka poses for a photo with an Umbrella

Below is a photo of the ‘boost’ Kwamboka and another woman received from Senator Omanga.


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