Kenya Withdraws from International Court of Justice

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The decision comes a week to the judgment date in the ongoing Maritime border Case with Somalia at the International Court of Justice.

Kenya Somalia Maritime border row

Kenya has pulled out of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the raging maritime border row with neighbouring Somalia.

This comes a week to the judgment date in the ongoing Maritime border case with Somalia.

Ideally, this means that Kenya will not recognise next weeks ruling by the Hague based court.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary, Ambassador Macharia Kamau, said ICJ had no jurisdiction in the case.


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The PS in a statement Friday, October 8, Kenya’s 1965 reservation excluded the court from handling such disputes.

According to the PS, ICJ’s judgement, will affect the region politically, socially, economically and security-wise.

Kenya said the region was facing instability and conflict and the judgment will be unfortunate.

In the statement, the PS said Kenya had had reservations with the ‘flawed’ judicial process adding that this will not resolve the dispute.

Kenya added that it will not take part in any international court process or tribunal without its approval.

PS Kamau stated that the Kenyan government will not recognize the judgment and abide by its findings.

Early this year, on March 14, Kenya announced it had pulled out of the border dispute case with Somalia.

In it’s argument, Kenya wanted the case delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. The government also cited biases and ignorance of its request by the court.

The Maritime border case with Somalia was to take place on Monday, March 15 and run until March 24.

This was the fourth postponement request denied by ICJ.

However, all requests were denied.


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