How KALRO improved kienyeji chicken is set to change lives in Migori, Homa-bay

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This is in a project by Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) in collaboration in the Kenyan government and the European Union.

Kalro improved Kienyeji chicken in Nyatike

MIGORI – Farmers in Migori and Homa-bay counties are a happy lot after millions of shillings were directed toward upscaling of indigenous chicken farming in the regions.

This is in a project by Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) in collaboration in the Kenyan government and the European Union.

In May 2020, Blue Cross Nyatike, an NGO, won the tender to upscale KALRO improved kienyeji in the two regions. The tender was to a tune of Ksh. 6.8 million.

But on Friday October 2021, officials from KALRO visited Nyatike to asses the implementation and impact of the project. The team was led by Chief Researcher and National Project Coordinator Dr. George Keya.

Dr. Keya said the project aims at addressing numerous challenges facing indigenous chicken farmers in the two counties.

He said, Blue Cross Nyatike, in partnership with Migori and Homa-Bay counties would transform the kienyeji chicken farming into an agri-business venture.

According to the project coordinator, this will transform the chicken rearing venture. He said its will also turn into a profitable, commercially oriented and nationally competitive economic activity.

Kalro officials at Grace Achieng’s paultry farm in Nyatike, Migori Couty

Life changing project

Improved indigenous chicken breed mature faster, are easy to maintain and are highly disease resistant.

The improved genotype chicken can also withstand harsh environmental conditions.

So far, the project has reached 6287 potential poultry farmers out of their 8,000 set target in the counties of Migori and Homa-bay.

To cut costs, Blue Cross trained farmers on homemade mixing ratios of maize and fingerling residues, the main feed formulae. The two are readily available feed materials in the region.

However, the project has already taken shape with farmers already witnessing the benefits for the project.

Grace Ochieng’, a resident of Got Kachola Ward in Nyatike, acknowledged the quality of the KALRO birds and their economic feed consumption.

She expressed hope of reaping a good fortune in the future while rearing the improved kienyeji breed.

But, Julius Olang, a field officer with Blue Cross Nyatike, said they worked with various famers. For instance, Kakombe CBO received the KALRO birds to help improve their living standards.

Salmon Odhiambo appreciated KALRO for funding the life changing project. The Suna West Livestock Production Officer said the project would lead to a food secure Migori.

He also assured the partners of good working relationship with Migori County government.


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