Kipkabus Boys High School Students burn dormitory because of Ugali

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Kipkabus Boys High School dormitory on Monday. PHOTO/Courtesy

UASIN GISHU – There was a fire incident at Kipkabus Boys High School on Monday, November 1 after students set their dormitory on fire.

Preliminary reports indicate poorly cooked ugali the previous night caused a stir among the students, taking their anger on their dormitory.


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K24 Digital reported that the students fueled the fire using their mattresses, according to area chief Jeremiah Muge.

Kipkabus joins other schools that reported fire incidents in the last 24 hours alone.

These include Buruburu Girls High School in Nairobi, Chavakali High School in Vihiga and Nyandema High School in Migori High School.

In Buruburu, 59 students sustained injuries after some jumped through windows of their two storey dormitory to escape the fire.


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