Rongo MP aspirant Zata leads cleaning exercise in Rongo

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A parliamentary aspirant in Rongo has commenced a program to collect and recycle garbage dumped in public places in the constituency.

John Zata who is vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party led youths and business people during the first exercise within Rongo town.

Zata took the opportunity party to slam elected leaders for failing to look into the welfare of the electorates by leaving the garbage within the market places and public roads within the constituency.

Zata said it was a shame that the town was filling up with garbage yet Rongo had elected to represent the interest of the people.

He however promised to help see the town cleaned as the people usher in a new year.

He also launched a program where garbage will be recycled in bid to ensure traders sell their wares in a clean and safe environment.

Zata said the program will help eradicate health complications caused by dirt.

“The elected leaders have failed their people who elected them and deserve to be assisted on how to address some of the health and environmental challenges they are facing. It’s a pitty that despite the town having dirt all over the streets and in the market they have failed to put any efforts to ensure it is addressed properly,” Said Zata.

The UDA MP aspirant urged leaders to come back to the grassroot and address the issues affecting their electorates and constituents rather than living in the city driving big cars.

The parliamentary hopeful noted that he had visited the Rongo municipal offices to inquire about the piling garbage especially in the market where traders sell food staffs.

The MP aspirant revealed that was shocked to learn that it was due to lack of funds by the county government to address the matter.

As a quick solution, Zata donated a tractor that will facilitate the collection of waste within the constituency.

“If we are given the opportunity to serve our people especially through elections, then we must be ready to do so and to fulfill the promises we made to them.” said Zata.


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