Summary of 2022 school calendar

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Education CS Prof George Magoha. PHOTO/COURTESY

This term is set to run for nine weeks to March 4 with no midterm break; and will sit as the shortest term yet.

These will also be the last KCPE and KCSE examinations done outside the traditional November-December period as the school calendar normalises.

This year will see the country have two separate  KCPE examinations and two separate  KCSE examinations. This will see the time lost  when schools were shut due to Covid-19  fully recovered.

And by January 2023, the school calendar would have gone back to normal.

Those currently in class 8 and Form 4 will sit for their national examinations between March 7th and April 11th.

Those in Class 7 and Form 3 will sit their national examinations between November and December 2022.

KCPE will run between November 28 and December 1, while KCSE will be done from December 1 to December 23.


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