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BEWARE!!! Effects of Not Having SEX for a long time

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Effects Not Having SEX

From the topic, we are going to talk about the different effects of not having sexual intercoures (sex) for a long time.

As you are aware, sex is a topic that many people don’t always want to talk about openly, especially in circles that hold African value dear.

However, this is a topic that even the bible talks about severally.

And as you may be aware, human beings are sexual creatures – God made us male and female.

But today we want to learn about the effects of not having sex for a long time that you should be aware of before puting a break to it.

Here are the Effects

1. Being angry over small issues.

A person who is sex starved tend to get angry most of the time, and this is often at the smallest thing or slightest provocation.

2. Heavy menstual flow

Several studies have shown that if a woman does not engage in any sexual activity in her cycle, she is likely to have a heavy flow.

3. The tendency to jump on the bandwagon of other people (a habit of pursuing things that do not concern you) this is also a habit that arises psychologically due to what street children call ghosts riding him to something that does not concern him.

4. Headaches

Have you ever wondered why you have those bad headaches yet you don’t feel sickly? Well not having sex maybe the problem.

Maybe pain killers are not the problem but getting laid.

More effects of not having sex for a long time

5. Spinal stiffness (men)

While you may think having recurrent back pains stems from doing a lot of strenuous work, it is said that not having any sex could be a contributing factor too.

6. Wet dreams

That dream of you having sex may not show that you are really into someone but lack of sex. This is common in men.

Women are welcome to comment below if they have wet dreams or dream that they are having sex.

7. Loss of Concentration

Some scientists argue that if you stay away from sex for a long time, you can find it difficult to focus in your day to day undertakings.

8. Prone to infection

One blog wrote that if you are sec starved for a long time, and you finally get someone to lay down with, you can be infected very easily if they are ‘ill.’


9. Infertility or delay in having a baby.

Of course children are as a result of having sex so not having sex makes you not to get pregnant.

This is a point that children under the age of 18 should focus on. ABSTAIN!!

10. Mental health

Sex, just like any exercise that leads to increased blood flow, is good for your mental health.


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