Itumbi narrates what happened when he was ABDUCTED

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Dinnis Itumbi

“Sikiza wewe, hatujakuua…lakini ukipiga nduru tutarudi tukumalize….” the lead Rogue Police Officer warned me.

it was raining heavily as they drove off in TWO Double Cabins. A Black one and a white one.

The Hit Squad that operates in fear of being seen, being exposed or being pointed out in public, had long dropped the Premio that had picked me at Thindigua, outside a Barber shop and at this time the SIX men had taken turns in beating me with what felt like hammers and related crude weapons.

That is a story for another day.

“Lazima ubadilishe your political persuasion to match that of the BOSS,” The rogue police officers told me.

“Who is the BOSS? ” I shot back as they handcuffed me at the back.


” Whoever it is, tell him we do not change our political belief, through force and threats, he has to learn the art of persuasion,” I continued.

Slap. Blow. Tightening of handcuffs.

Back to the END….

DP Willian Ruto visits Itumbi in hospital

The two Double Cabins drive off, I am Sorrounded by trees, Darkness and heavy rains.

I am NAKED, except socks, I had nothing else.

First instinct was to sit down, because the pains were too much and I could barely open my eyes……..

But an inner push, which I strongly believe to be your prayers, urged me on.

After a few steps I saw a light in the horizon.

“I will have to walk until I get to that light, ” I told myself.

Pain and being naked were no longer issues, survival was now everything.

After a long painful walk I got to a Junction, more of a roundabout.

As a naked man, I knew, I would have a tough time stopping any car, at night.

So I shot my luck at Boda Bodas.

The first few gracefully ignored, understandably.

I changed Style.

Dennis Itumbi walks from hospital

I saw Three Bodas..

“Bro, simameni pale mniskize tu, halafu muende…”

” Mimi naitwa xxx….”

One of the riders, did not even wait…

“Wawawawa Dennoh, nimeona kwa Social Media…wacha niongee na customer wangu nikupeleke hosi…

“By this time there is a traffic build up…a man in a car behind approaches …

“Itumbi manze pole sana, nitakusaidia, naitwa Boniface….ingia kwa gari yangu,”

Bonnie, then goes to the Rider and appreciates on my behalf.

Boniface Makokha then tells me he cannot take me to hospital Naked.

He drives to his house and gets me a bedsheet.

Dennis Itumbi

“tuko wapi?” I ask

“Lucky Summer,” he tells me.

” What we are in Nairobi?”

“Yes Kasarani,”

“So Dennoh, nikupeleke Hosi gani?”

The nearest one, but get me a Fanta if you can….”

” kuna Mission hospital hapa inaitwa Neema Uhai…”

“Hio ni sawa bro…can you dial for me a certain number?”

“Sure as I buy you a Fanta Hapa….”



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