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KULA DAWA… Health benefits of MANGO SEEDS

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Many of us throw away mango (Mangifera indica ) seeds after eating the succulent parts, and this has been the norm.

But did you know that the seed that is thrown away is loaded with important nutrients?

To ensure you get everything from a mango next time, dry the seeds.

After eating and crush the seeds to powder form for easy use.

Before drying, ensure you wash the fibrous seed to wash away any remaining flesh after you have had your fill eating.

Unknown to many, the mango seed has nutrients, minerals and vitamins

These include Fats, Carbohydrate, Vitamin B6, Protein, Vitamin E, and Total Dietary Fiber.

Others are Magnesium, Vitamin B-12, Amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Valine, Threonine and Lysine.

Health Benefits

Female Reproductive Health


Remedy for Piles

Ends Diarrhea

healthy hair

herbal tooth powder

fight Acne

 Intestinal Worms

Stops kids eating soil

Obesity and diabetes

 Prevents cardiovascular disease


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