SHOCK as cow gives birth to calf with two heads

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calf two heads
Calf with two heads

Residents of Kiptolelio Village in Kapluk location, Kerio VALLEY are in rude shock after a cow calved down a calf with two heads.

In what looks like genetic mutation, the calf also had three ears, one for both heads and one at the front, in-between the heads.

Locals who have never witnessed such an incident were left speechless, and wondered what might have led to the cow calving down a calf with two heads.

While some experts have blamed the incident on inbreeding, other said it was due to “haphazard use of veterinary drugs.”


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One online user referred to the condition as Teratogenesis.

Others blamed the farmer alleging “over counter medication/self medication.”

“Always consult in such matters for safety and rational use of most medications especially antibiotics which is at high rate of misuse,” said another online user.

While some locals were quick to point fingers and witchcraft and sorcery, others said it was just an abnormality.

calf two heads
Boniface Ndura Komburi at his Kitale Nature Conservancy (Ndura park) in Trans Nzoia County

But Payuka.Co.Ke has learnt that such cases of genetic abnormality can be taken care of at the Kitale Natur Conservancy.

Ndura Park, as it is also known, is a private Conservancy 2 kilometers from Kitale town in Kenya along Kitale Kapenguria Road.

It borrows the name from the proprietor, Boniface Ndura Komburi, who ventured into the business of buying animals with deformities in the year 2000.



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