Creative way Stuck Truck Drivers are passing time at Malaba border (VIDEO)

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Cargo truck on Malaba highway

Malaba is experiencing a pile of trucks along the Kenya border following Uganda’s call for mandatory Covid-19 testing.

Uganda directed testing for all incoming travelers as well as truck drivers, in a communication in December 20 last year.

This resulted in long queues on the Kenyan side of trucks and drivers waiting to get into Uganda.

The tests cost around Ksh3,500 at it included drivers who had documents from tests conducted in Kenya.


Uganda bans its students from crossing into Kenya

They were to also to get mandatory testing every 14 days while within the borders of Uganda.

As a result, truck drivers went on strike, paralyzing movement of cargo.

But a video has emerged online of how the truck drivers passed time during the gird lock.

In the video seen by Payuka.Co.Ke, a group of drivers is seen kicking a small ball to pass time.


Uganda has suspended mandatory Covid-19 testing at Kenyan borders.

Uganda’s director of health services Charles Olaro said this was to avert congestion witnessed at the borders.

Olaro said this would ease movement of the truck in and within the border of Uganda.

Uganda reported shortage of fuel across the country with few retailers hiking fuel.

This was due to the border impasse with the truckers.


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