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Governor Rasanga: Why Luo Ladies Can’t Resist Men from Kuria Neighbours

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Governor Cornel Rasanga

The Kuria Community maybe a minority tribe in the Country, but they are not a minority to women from the Luo neighbours.

Numbers show girls from the Luo side of the border are fighting to get married to men from Kuria community.

This has sent shock waves among Luo men but only Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga was brave to speak about it.

Governor Rasanga revealed this during Azimio La Umoja rally in Kehancha, Kuria in Migori County.

Rasanga narrated drew the analogy from a former classmate and friend of his who married a lady from Siaya.

The former classmate however delayed to pay dowry as Luo customary laws require, prompting them to call the lady back home.

To their surprise, the lady refused to honour their calls, including emissaries sent to the matrimonial home.


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This sent elders to drawing board who sent a delegation to ask Nyar Siaya why she could leave her man.

“We became good friends with my classmate and one time when he came to Siaya, I introduced him to a lady,”

“The later tied the knot, but this friend of mine refused to pay dowry in time,” Governor Rasanga said.

A delegation on return journey from Kuria revealed that there was “something special” about Kuria their daughter couldn’t leave.

However, as an icing on the cake, Governor Rasanga also linked his chief Kuria bodyguard to another Siaya lady to also tap the ‘charm.’

But Governor Rasanga admitted the superiority of men from Kuria for “taking good care” of their women.

The governor however said they were still in the dark on the ‘secret charm’ of men from Kuria.


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