Uganda bans Women from Sitting with drivers in Major Traffic Announcement

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Uganda has banned women from sitting in the drivers cabin in a major accident curbing move.

This is after authorities discovered women partly responsible for accidents in Uganda’s Lira City.

 The Monitor, said the decision followed a road accident that killed nine people in the Lira area on January 10.

“The accident occurred after a Fuso truck transporting traders and their merchandise got involved in an accident at Pii-awac swamp, seven kilometres east of Lira City,” The Monitor reported.

Despite blaming the accident on accident on reckless driving, police roped in business women.

According to police, women distract truck drivers because of their alleged short revealing skirts and dresses.


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 The authorities said it was a common trend among the women in the region, making them a major road hazard.

The netizens had mixed reactions to the directive, with some taking to social media to air out their views.

One Twitter user named Edward Ssonko said that this was an excuse for reckless truck drivers.

“How many of these accidents involve women seated at the front and are wearing short skirts? Just produce that report whoever came up with this decision,” he said.

Another user named Izaben asked; “Who has more effect between the one seated in front and the ones outside where the driver’s eyes are all the time? And why only trucks yet there are taxis, buses, and Ubers?”

Others said that the decision was appropriate as Ugandan women often wear short skirts that could distract drivers. The research to prove this is not available.


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