Mungu Nipee Mzungu… Singer Rose Muhando wants a Rich White Man

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Gospel artist Rose Muhando

Gospel artist wans a rich white man for a husband this year, this is at least according to her Instagram post.

The gospel singer declared this in a video challenge of her new song “Ombi langu”.

In a now edited caption, Muhando stated that her prayer is to marry a wealthy white man this year.

“Yesu nitendee, Yesu unitendee, Ombi langu mwaka huu nataka nipate mume mzungu na mwenye ela…@maneno ya dada mmoja hivi alisikika akiomba kwa sauti…,” wrote Muhando.


But after the video went viral, Muhando changed the caption severally.

Muhando has since removed the entire caption, opting to concentrate solely on the video challenge for her new song.

“Unaweza nitumia na wewe challenge yako ya Ombi lako uku ukiandika na ombi lako unalotaka Mungu akufanyie mwaka huu 2022,” stated the Tanzanian singer.


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In a previous interview, the mother of three admitted her incapability to live with a man.

She said men find it difficult dealing with him.

Moreover, she said her work comes first and that and only an understanding man can marry her.

“I have never gotten married since I do not think I can live with a man and handle him well,”

“I travel a lot and so my work cannot allow me to be with him always. Maybe I find one who is very understanding but I am very careful with my job and I protect it so much,” Stated Muhando during a Tanzania based interview.


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