Autopsy: How Juja Woman Esther Wambui Met Her Death

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Esther Wambui

Post mortem examination results of the lady found stashed inside a suitcase have revealed her cause of death.

Passersby discovered the body of Esther Wambu on Monday, 17th January 2022 outside Ruiru GSU barracks.

Pathologist Dr. Simon Omuok who led the exercise at the City Mortuary said Wambui diead due to strangulation.

Dr. Omuok revealed a possibility of sexual abuse with assailants also hitting her with a blunt object.

The perpetrator later slashed her body into multiple pieces and proceeded to stash them into a bag that was dumped near the GSU Recce Squad Camp in Kimbo.


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Perhaps a coded message from the victim’s killer, Wambui’s body also had ink writings on the chest, both palms and both thighs which read “Bwana ya mtu ni sumu“.

Her husband of eight months Joseph Ngige and her father  Samuel Mbugua were present during the emotional exercise.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Ngige disclosed that he last escorted Wambui to work at 5 am on Monday, after which all calls to her line went unanswered.

Dorothy Migarusha, Juja sub-County Police Commander, noted that the crime had all the elements of a jealousy-fueled rage.

Police are yet to arrest any suspects in connection to the gruesome murder.


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