Suspect Behind Death of Renowned Football Fan Isaac Juma Arrested

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Isaac Juma/Twitter

Detectives have arrested the main suspect behind the gruesome murder of renowned football fan Isaac Juma.

Detectives arrested the suspect, Milton Namatsi, 27, at his house by Mumias-based sleuths.

This is after after preliminary investigations linked him to the murder of Juma at Wednessday night.

Reports say that on the day in question, Juma and his family had just finished their evening meal at their home in Ebuyenjere village in Mumias, when his killers struck. 

Earlier in the night, children who were taking their supper outside the house had reported seeing silhouettes of unknown persons lurking around the house.


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The children went back to the house and reported the matter to their parents who brushed it off. Moments later, Juma’s family heard a commotion in the sheep pen and immediately afterwards the sheep began bleating, prompting Juma and his 17-year-old son to dash outside. 

But before they could establish what was happening, a group of men armed with machetes attacked them, hacking Juma to death. His teenage son however managed to cheat death narrowly, by escaping to a nearby farm.

Detectives suspect that Juma’s death may be related to ongoing land disputes amongst his extended family. 

Namatsi is awaiting arraignment in court tomorrow after processing today.

Juma, who was a newspaper vendor in Nakuru before retiring to his farm in Mumias, was an ardent football fan who religiously supported the country’s national team Harambee Stars and local club AFC Leopards.


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