Drama As Private Detective Jane Mugo Claims Her Kidnappers Are In Court

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There was drama in court on Tuesday as private detective Jane Mugo broke down in tears, claiming that her kidnappers were present in court.

The self-proclaimed Spy Queen was arraigned on accusations of threatening to kill Nairobi businessman Deepa Shah in February 2019, as well as unlawfully making use of a firearm.

During Tuesday’s mention, the prosecution amended the charge sheet and charged Mugo afresh.

Mugo pleaded not guilty to the charges, claiming that she was kidnapped last year in November for reasons she says are related to the case.

 “I have been in pain for the last three years since I was charged,” Mugo told the court, adding: “Police are being used, and the media, to kill me.”

During the said kidnapping incident, Mugo’s car was reportedly blocked by armed men driving in two vehicles at the Ainabkoi- Kapsabet junction along the Eldoret-Nakuru highway.

The carjackers beat her on the head and hands using a rungu while her driver and another passenger were also reportedly abducted in the incident.

Mugo says the attackers drove off in her car and left her by the roadside, where she was later rescued by passers-by. 

She has also been quoted linking the attack to a murder case she was investigating.

The ‘Spy Queen’ said she had a fearful apprehension before the attack because of death threats she claims she had been receiving.

The case in question, Mugo said, involves a Busia-based police officer.

This is not the first time Mugo has caused a fracas in court. During the hearing of the murder case last year, she reportedly took out her phones and started taking pictures of the magistrate, prosecutor and journalists.


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