Changes at the Migori County Assembly following Speaker Boaz ouster

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Migori Acting speaker George Duro
George Duro, Ag. Speaker Migori Assembly

Migori MCA’s effected radical changes at the second house, just days after they voted overwhelmingly to impeach former speaker Boaz Okoth.

The MCA’s Thursday February 10, elected member for Macalder Kanyarwanda George Duro as their new speaker in changes on assembly leadership.

Duro will serve as acting speaker for the remainder of the term.


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Migori county Assembly
Migori Assembly in session

This followed a motion tabled by South Kanyamkago MCA Graham Kagali with Hevrone Maira (Muhuru) seconding.

Duro was then sworn in immediately after all the 41 members present voted him as the acting speaker as had been proposed by Kagali.

In his maiden speack, the acting speaker vowed to united the much divided house and relook at the welfare of MCA and assembly staff.


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Soon after the election, members from different factions sat and selected their representatives to a new Migori County Assembly Service board.

The following names were fronted:

1. Majority Coalition – Hon. Ken Ouma Ooro ( South Sakwa MCA)

2. Minority Coalition – Hon. Nicholas Rioba (Tagare MCA)

3. Women Caucus – Hon. Grace Odhiambo (Nominated MCA)

4. The Independents – Hon. Christopher Odira Onanda( MCA Suna Central Ward)


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