Sagana 3: Shocking truth President Uhuru SILENTLY said about Raila Odinga

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sagana 3

President Uhuru Kenyatta on February 23 March 2022 held a meeting with Mt Kenya leaders nd residents at the Sagana 3 State Lodge.

The president spoke about many things but online critics say there is much that was said indirectly.

Here is what one critic drew from yesterdays meeting.

President Uhuru Kenyatta strongest message in Sagana yesterday was NOT spoken.


Sagana 3: What President Uhuru said

1. Raila Odinga is a VIOLENT man.

2. Raila made it impossible for Kikuyus to do business in Nairobi, Kisumu and Kawangware. That is despite winning in two General elections.

3. DP William Ruto, according to President Uhuru insisted on Justice using Government and the Law. “Kaa Ngumu.” – Do not negotiate with Terrorists like Raila.


Why Raila WILL NOT Be President in August – Jeremiah Kioni

4. I decided to bring Raila on board, ” sio kwasababu nataka Raila akuwe Rais,”

But for the sake of peace – in other words so that he stops the VIOLENCE.

So, according to President Uhuru what should we do with the VIOLENCE?ELECT RAILA ODINGAWhy? So that there is no VIOLENCE!

Good day.

via Dennis Itumbi


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