Sagana 3: What President Uhuru said

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“Tuchambue Haki na Uwongo.

On Agriculture

1. Milk now has a Mininum Guaranteed Return if 45 bob, up from 35 Shillings. ( Eeeh…)

2. Munya has revived Pyrethrum Factory within the last one year and farmers are being paid

3. Tea Farmers are getting subsidised fertilizer

4. Coffee is back

5. Mwea Rice farmers are now selling to Government rice worth over Shs. 600m, therefore locking out Pakistani Rice. Price of rice has Risen to the benefit of farmers


6. I briefed WsR on every step I took in talking with Tinga, even a few minutes before getting into HARAMBEE House, why has WsR been saying I did not tell him? ( WsR has always maintained he was told, it is Tinga who has always said WsR had no idea. The only thing WsR did not know was the constitutional change idea )

7. A few people stopped it in court after the People had embraced and passed BBI. ( When did Car Grants, become the People Decided?)RAILA

7. Sifanyi kazi na Raila kwa sababu nataka yeye akure RAIS, nafanya kazi na yeye ndio pamoja tuhakikishe Kenya iko na Amani

8. Let me stay with my Mzee, an old man, sitted on a stool sees far, than a small uncircumcised boy standing on a stool

9. I will hand over a 13T economy to the next PresidentCrowd: RailaUhuru: Huyo mmetajaPERSONAL RECORD9. There was no electricity in Mathira, before I became President

10. I have performed better than any other President before me.

11. I told them to wait for Politics time, they did not listen.Instructive to note we started the Uhuru Kenyatta campaign in 2010. THREE years ahead of electionKIELEWEKE MPS

12. Why are you afraid of telling our message? Do not be cowards, you will be heckled here and there but as a leader you will have told the truth.CHURCH

13. Stop Lying to our People, why are you lying? Just because you got some money from corruption.

14. We all love our God, we all give according to what we have.

15. You are better off with my one hundred shillings, than with 2 million bob that has denied the people of Elgeyo- Marakwet a dam.( Who exactly stole from a dam in Elgeyo? And why have they NOT been arrested? By a President who serms to know)

16. You ( Church Leaders) will go to HELL.MUDAVADI

17. You were Finance Minister all those years and you managed a small economy, equivalent to what I am giving Governors to share in Counties. ( Mudavadi was never President)


18. I was a young man when Matiba and Rubia were fighting for truth. We did a mistake and we lived to regret. Do not be like us and let your children regret your decisions.

via Dennis Itumbi


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