Inside Court ruling for student that killed 10 students at Moi Girls

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Moi girls court ruling
Moi Girls Court Court ruling

A court on Thursday handed a five-year jail term to a former Moi Girls High School student who was found guilty of killing 10 students in the 2017 dormitory fire incident.

Justice Stella Mutuku who delivered the sentence virtually from Kajiado High Court, sentenced the student to serve five years for each of the manslaughter charges she was found guilty of.

She will however serve for only five years as they will run concurrently.

“I will not impose a non-custodial sentence to the accused because the offence of manslaughter is a serious one that needs one to serve a jail term,” said Mutuku.


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While passing the sentence, Justice Mutuku noted that she took into consideration the impact statement of the parents of the victims and the probation officers report, the girl’s mitigation and the sentence policies guidelines.

She also said that no amount of punishment granted to the former student could bring back the lives of the 10 students.

When she committed the offence the student was underage (14 years old) and was found guilty on December 21, 2021, when she was already an adult.

However, the parents of the victims termed the sentencing a lenient one.


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“We believed and trusted that the judge would hand the student whom they described as a killer, a heavier penalty including a life jail term,” said one parent.

Another parent said that since losing her child together with her family, they have been living with bad memories and prayed no child or student commits such kind of crime in a school again.

Mutuku noted that in her mitigation the student had regretted her actions that led to the loss of lives and she was remorseful.

“The student regrets her actions and seeks leniency from the court. I have also taken into account her mitigation, the statement from the deceased students’ families and a pre-sentence report from the probation officer,” noted the judge.


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