What FIFA suspension means to Kenya

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fifa suspends Kenya, Zimbabwe

FIFA suspended Kenya from all footballing activities with immediate effect on February 25, 2022 because of government interference in football. 

Also suspended for the same reason is Zimbabwe.


Fifa suspends Kenya from all football competitions

“We had to suspend two of our member associations — Kenya & Zimbabwe. Both for government interference in the activities of the football associations of these associations,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino said.

But what really does the suspension mean for Kenya? Here are some of the consequences we can come up with.

(1)-Local leagues, Kenya Women Premier League, and Kenya Premier League (KWPL/KPL) will continue as usual. The leagues will however get no International or Regional recognition.

Kenyan teams will not also participate in CAF/FIFA tournaments.
(2)-No foreign player will play in Kenya.

Kenyan clubs will not be able to sign international players and vice versa?
(3)-No any transfer activities will be recognized.
(4)-Referees in Kenya will not be able to officiate outside Kenya during this period.
(5)-Kenya will not benefit from development programs from CAF/FIFA including funding.
N/B-Normalization committee likely to come with FIFA represented.

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