Russia-Ukraine war, how it all started

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Russia Ukraine conflict

Are you wondering what could have led to Russia defying all the warning and invaded its neighbour, Ukraine? One user has tried to explain this, and we hope you follow and get to the bottom of it.

He goes:

Incase you’re still confused about what is the cause of this Russia and Ukraine war, here is the most simplest explanation.

In 1922 Russia, Ukraine and its other neighboring countries formed a union which was known as Soviet Union ( USSR, The union of Soviet socialist Republics ).


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Some other European countries viewed them as threats, because of the power they seemed to wield in their unity.

To counter this, in 1949 the U.S, Canada, Germany, France and some other European countries came together and formed their own organisation.

They named this organisation NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) to provide security against the Soviet Union.

And one of their major agreement was “an attack on any member country of the NATO should be seen and treated as attack to all.”

So in 1989 the cold war ended, and Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and every country under Soviet regained its independence. That is how Russia and Ukraine parted ways.

And while Soviet collapsed, NATO stood strong, and don’t forget that NATO was formed because of Soviet Union, which Russia was the leader and Ukraine its second.

In 1991 during the time Soviet collapsed, Russia claimed it had an agreement with U.S not to expand NATO to their neighbouring countries because if they should do, it means they can conquer Russia so easily.

But the U.S later denied it because it wasn’t signed and that made Russia to feel betrayed by the U.S and hated U.S even more.


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Fast forward to 2007 U.S and some other NATO members pushes for Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO and Russia said ‘over my dead body’.

According to Russia, if Ukraine and Georgia joined NATO, this would mean that the U.S will build military bases on the boarders between Russia and Ukraine. This would then in turn make Russia appear weaker.

So in 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and Annexed ( took ) Crimea which was part of Ukraine. This now means that there’s no way Ukraine can ever join NATO.

REASON? NATO rules require any country that wants to join IT should not have any contested boarder or territorial dispute.

And one of the reasons Ukraine didn’t join NATO in 2007? Germany and France voted “No”. NATO rules also requires that all current members MUST vote “Yes” for any new member to join them.

So the question now is “if it’s impossible for Ukraine to join NATO, why is Putin still invading Ukraine?

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