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This Kinyozi With HOT Babes, Tw@king Has Wives Worried

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Mwende Kinyozi

Mwende Frey,  a 27-year old single mother who has set the internet ablaze with juicy videos and photos to advertise her kinyozi.

Young women in Nairobi have been increasingly taking up barbershop duties with some even going ahead to open up their own barbershops complete with an all-female staff.

Mwende Kinyozi has employed the unconventional methods to attract customers, mostly men, to troop to her berbershop and this has wifes worried.

Word is, men who visit the kinyozi are pampered and treated to femal e flesh of scantily dressed young chiles who tw@k dirty infront of them as they enjoy their cool shave.


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Mwende Kinyozi

But in defence of her marketing genius, Mwende had this to say in a past interview with Citizen.

“When you say I’m s@ xualizing the business by twqrking, what do you mean? Women twerk in clubs every day and they don’t get paid. I get paid to do this, so why not,” said Mwende.  

“I’m s@ xy, I’m fabulous, I’m confident in my body, I’m a beautiful woman, kwa nini tufiche…. It has worked for this business, men love seeing nice things, hakuna mtu anataka kwenda kunyolewa alafu ashikwe na mikono ngumu, here you meet soft hands, soft voices and beautiful girls,” she added.

‘Man’s Chamber’, as Mwende reffers, even has full-time ‘Twak Queens’ whose job is to dance suggestively to male clients while they have their hair cut.

Mwende Kinyozi

Well, as if twqrking in not enough, Mwende shared a photo of her massage room with a very sixy post.

And married women did not shy from condemning the kinyozi with some even warning their husbands with divorce if they caught them there.

Mwende has surely caught men by the balls and is milking them to their last drop, and as they say in swahili, ‘anawakunywa kukunywa.’


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